St Helena Island


With its uniquely rich diversity of heritage-based attractions, both built and natural, St Helena offers many things to see and lots to do — from visiting the Georgian town to the rugged coastline, from the rolling hills to the stark yet striking geology at Sandy Bay.

That’s the thing about this destination…there’s so much more to the island than you may think. St Helena is home to the most varied heritage and nature, breathtaking views from the highest peaks, inviting waters, and 100% quaintness.

A 47 square mile island, it is one of the remotest settled islands in the world. A sub-tropical paradise, it is also one of the most spectacular as far as contrast goes.

St Helena offers a range of accommodation options. There are currently 3 hotels on the Island, a number of guest houses, some bed & breakfast establishments as well as self-catering accommodation.
Advance booking of accommodation is a prerequisite when visiting the Island. Demand is at a peak during the summer months, from December through to February, and particularly over the Christmas period.